Thursday, February 23, 2017

Boomer Sooner

There is something so magical about watching college football on a Saturday.  Whether it be on the couch at home, or in a stadium full of painted up college kids, and outrageous fans, game days are the best days. I suppose that is definitely a matter of opinion.  To my family however, OU football is everything.

Living in Northern Virginia for my family, meant ten agonizingly long years of less magical OU football Saturdays.  For one thing, the east coast time zone isn't the greatest.  They are an hour ahead of Oklahoma, which obviously means that football games were broadcast later.

My family tends to go all out on game day.  My mom makes all kinda of finger foods, like buffalo chicken wontons, wings, sliders...etc. We have a lot of extended family that also live in Oklahoma.  Now that we have relocated, everyone comes to our house on game day.  It's usually pretty wild.

As I have stated in previous posts, I've moved around quite a few times.  One major thing i've notices is the way Oklahomans rally around their football. Whether it be OU or OSU, they're fans are incredibly passionate.  It is incredibly less likely for you to find as many over the top UVA and Virginia Tech fans.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sitting Still

Here are some interesting questions for you:
  • Have you ever put your car in park because you were sitting in the same place for so long? 
Okay, maybe that one wasn't crazy enough. 

  • Have you ever have to bounce in the seat of your car because your butt was numb from sitting in the same position for so long? 
  • Have you ever made friends with people next to you on the highway? 
  • Have you ever kicked your feet up on the dashboard of your car while on on the highway, in attempt to get comfortable?
If you have answered no to any of these questions, then you're probably not from the DC area.  

One of my favorite things to hear oklahomans complain about is traffic.  There is absolutely no comparison between traffic in Northern Virginia and Oklahoma.  When you live in Virginia, simple plans like going to the movies our out to dinner require strategic planning just because of how horrific the highway traffic is.  You can almost guarantee that if you are on 1-95 around rush hour it will take you a minimum of an extra hour and half to get home.

We should be honest though.  Traffic is the spawn of satan.  No matter what part of the world you are driving in.

Lets compare pictures of Oklahoma and Northern Virginia highways, shall we!

On you're left we have a lovely picture of a clear Oklahoma highway.  It's hard for this little east coast girl to see that picture, and not get giddy and excited to drive! My Northern Virginia traffic on the other hand, makes me wish I never got my drivers license.

This is one thing that makes me thankful for the DC to OKC life.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local Brews

One thing that has truly amazed me about Oklahoma City, is the amount of local coffee shops.  I am a person who very much appreciates a good cup of coffee.  As I'm sure you could imagine, I absolutely love this fact!

I have two friends named Jacob and Danielle, who have dedicated themselves to educating me on all of the local brews.  We often meet up at various coffee shops around town.  The first time I go to a new coffee shop, I tend to be a tad hesitant with my order.  I usual get something that is very basic, an unlikely for a barista to mess up.  An example of this would be some sort of Mocha, or a caramel latte.  Yeah, I'm not that cool when it comes to my coffee selections. However, with friends that are particularly coffee cultured, I've found my taste buds are either becoming more sophisticated, or I am becoming more adventurous.  That is most definitely up for debate.

Taste bud maturity is definitely a good thing.  As long as the sweets portion always remains the same.  I absolutely love a good pastry.  I recently had the most life changing lemon bar.  I mean, it was absolutely phenomenal.  The zest of lemon and the texture of the crust, coupled with the dainty sprinkling of powdered sugar makes for one very happy tummy.