Monday, April 24, 2017

21 And Gettin Stuff Done

21 and dumb... absolutely not.  Not really my thing.
21 and wise.... we're working on it, not quite there.
21 and rich ... Isn't that what college is for (wait, student loans)

Im just going to stick with 21 and getting stuff done.

21, the year you officially reach adulthood.  17 was kind of cool because you could purchase your own rated R movie tickets.  18 is cool because of cigarette and voter registration.  19 and 20 are pretty irrelevant, but 21 is flat out magical.  There are official no age restrictions on what you can do and places to attend.

In my 21st year of life, I decided to take a semi non-traditional route.  I'm not really into the non-stop party that the average 21 year old is stereotyped into.  I'm somewhat of an old sole.  I value the little things that you can't remember while under the influence of alcohol.

21 has been a big year of preparation for the future.  With a nearly finished college career, and a full time job, I tend to be a pretty busy gal.

While I do enjoy being a busy person, I am very much looking forward to the conclusions of 21.  22 brings the end of a college career, the death of a full time retail position, and the beginning of a "grown up" life.

With 22 rapidly approaching, I felt like it was appropriate to pay homage to the good ole 21.  Peace out dude.  It's been fun.


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