Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Thunder Up

Going to an Oklahoma City Thunder game is like a right of passage to truly achieve the title of "Oklahoman".  When it comes to college football, fan support feels like a nation divided (I suppose in this case it would be a pan shaped state divided.) However, in my mind support of the Thunder is one of the things that unites the people of Oklahoma.

To the left, are a few photos of my right of passage ceremony.  Also known as my very first Thunder game.  The second I walked into the Chesapeake Energy Arena, I instantly felt the energy (that was not initially intended to be a play on words, but I decided to stick with it) There was something so exciting about sitting in the nose bleed section with some friends, and observing the excitement amongst the audience.  It honestly didn't matter where we were sitting.  It was just a blast to be apart of such a high energy "cultural experience" if you will.

I basically became a super fan after going to my first Thunder game.  I have been to several other NBA games before, but never truly followed a team.  Now that I reside in good ole OKC, it's safe to say that the thunder is my team.


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