Thursday, April 20, 2017

I'll Be C-N-U Later

I abandoned a tiny column kingdom, for the land of the broncho.

A huge culture change I endured in my transition from DC to OKC included transferring to a new university.  

SPOILER ALERT! Transferring sucks.

Transitioning to college can be somewhat difficult.  It takes time to establish yourself, and figure out how your are going to go about your college career.  Transferring at your junior year, is like becoming a freshman all over again.

I started my college career at Christopher Newport University, in Newport News Virginia.  Located only 45 minutes away from Virginia Beach, 15 minutes away from Williamsburg Virginia, and the amusement park Busch Gardens, there was plenty to do.

There is absolutely no exaggeration when I call CNU the column kingdom.  in fact, there is really no better way to describe it.  Don't believe me,

Literally every academic building and majority of the dormitories are decorated with columns.  CNU is most definitely a column kingdom.

So, transferring.  Yeah, that was a grand time.  I transferred to UCO as a Junior.  It was an interesting transition because my degree program was drastically different, and I knew absolutely nothing about the school.  I went from living on my own, to moving back in with my parents.  All in all, the entire change was a huge adjustment for me.

As difficult as it was to come to terms with the entire transition, I am truly thankful that I ended up in Oklahoma City, and finishing my college career at UCO.  CNU is an extraordinary school, but all in all, the professional media program at UCO, is far better then anything I could have done at CNU.

Even though I am sometimes still a little bitter about transferring, I am pretty glad that I traded the column kingdom for the land of the broncho.  


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