Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Real Life Twister

No, i'm not talking about the party game, that makes people get into awkward positions with very little personal space.

I'm talking about the movie junk.
The dark gloomy skies, and swirling gusts of wind.
The natural phenomenon.
The grab your kids and run to the cellar kinda stuff.

These are obviously statements coming from a new Oklahoman, who has only been apart of one tornado season. 

I have yet to come across an Oklahoman, who is actually a little scared of tornado season.  In fact, most actually find a great source of pride in the dreaded tornado season.  

Large part of my initial apprehension regarding moving to OKC was tornado season.  There was just really absolutely no way in hell you were going to move me from a weather safety zone to tornado alley.  But here I am!

I am beginning to adapt to Tornado season.  It isn't quite as bad as I made it out to be.  I do however live in a less tornado centric area.  Even still, tornados are somewhat scary.

I personally find the Weather broadcasters in Oklahoma particularly entertaining during tornado season.  A funnel cloud descending from the sky brings them pure joy.  Tornado season is their favorite season.

My favorite example of this would be David Payne, the Chief Meteorologist on News 9.  His giddiness while delivering incredibly vital information for the safety of Oklahomans entertains me.  I particularly love that even his twitter handle, @tornadopayne displays his pride in Tornado season.

It has taken a lot for this east coast girl to get used to the tornados that sweep through this great state.
Who knows though?  Perhaps eventually I will display the same excitement and pride as my Oklahoman buddies.


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