Monday, April 24, 2017

PK Life

Here's a little secret for you.

I'm a pastors kid.  SURPRISE.  Bet you didn't know that about me.

The most common thing people ask when I tell them my family has relocated multiple times is "Is your dad in the military?"  Which if you think about it, is a really excellent question, considering nearly every state I've lived in has had a military base.  That's besides the point though.

PK life is definitely an interesting one.  Not to brag or anything, but my siblings and I, are pretty much the ultimate pastors children.  What I mean by that is, both sets of my grandparents are involved in ministry.  My dad's parents do missions work in Africa, and now serve as elders at their church.  My mothers parents have served as pastors for nearly 50 years, and even as retired citizens serve as senior citizens pastors.  But wait, I'm still not done. My Uncle Carl is the lead pastor at a church in Illinois, that my grandparents previously pastored, and my parents got married in. So it's only natural that my parents met at bible college.

But why is this relevant? What does this have to do with my DC to OKC trend?

Well, really everything.

The entire reason I ended up in Oklahoma City is due to being a PK. Well, I suppose that isn't entirely true, considering I am now "grown" and could have easily made the decision to stay in Virginia.

In all honesty, I didn't choose the PK life.  The PK life chose me.

That may be something that some people really try to separate themselves from, but not I.  After a certain point, it becomes a whole new part of your DNA.  After visiting the new church for the first time, something deep in my tummy knew that I needed to be here in OKC, and embark on this new midwestern journey.


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