Monday, April 24, 2017

So Long Dancing Shoes... Hello Green screen???

I used to be a dancing fool.  Oh who am I kidding, I still am.

As I've said before, I previously attended Christopher Newport University.  In my time at that university, I was incredibly involved.  Much of my involvement was due to the fact that I was a member of the CNU Storm Dance team.  Dance team is the East Coast equivalent to Pom here in Oklahoma.  

I was a member of the team during my freshmen, and sophomore years in college.  During that time, I was able to perform at football and basketball games, and compete at national competition.  

My first year as UCO, I was basically anti UCO.  There was just really no part of me that wanted to try and become an involved student.  I suppose majority of that relates back to being a bitter boots about transferring in general.  

This past semester, I decided that it might be important for me to try a little harder, considering im graduating soon, and living a bitter life, is no way to live at all.  

Thus, the beginning of a new chapter.  Kaitlyn Hawpe officially retires dancing and enters the world of broadcasting.  

TADA! I'm a weather girl.  Well... I have been for a semester at least.  

While I wouldn't necessarily say the weather is my passion, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to be the UCO weather girl for a semester.  

If you ever want a good giggle, go ahead and check out some of our previously aired newscasts on Facebook, and watch me struggle to pronounce the word precipitation, or over mention what the weather in Guymon is like.  Please note that in the picture above, I am most definitely talking about the evening temperature in Guymon.   

I definitely wish there was no part of me that had to retire my dancing career, but being a part of UCentral was an amazing opportunity.  It gave me a sense of purpose, and kept my schedule a tad more occupied.   


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